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Frequencies of the Body

Posted by Niki Zach on

When you use our SEDONA Pro device, or any of our PEMF devices, it is important to know what frequencies to use. Your body vibrates at different frequencies throughout the day and throughout your life. There is an optimal frequency for every scenario, and using PEMF therapy makes it easier to attain this frequency.

1-5 Hertz:
These frequencies relate to the brain activity in sleep or deep relaxation. In this frequency range the body can repair and regenerate itself. 

1-10 Hertz:
The immune system strengthens  as your body’s resistance becomes stronger and more balanced.

8-15 Hertz:
The body starts to concentrate on relaxing, allowing for deep breaths and a clear mind.

20 Hertz:
An increase of blood flow due to widening of the arteries. This leads to a better supply of oxygen to the body. 

25-30 Hertz:
In this range, metabolism increases allowing for a better supply of nutrients to the cells. 

10-70 Hertz:
Hormone production as well as stomach and intestine movement can be increased. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates can be dispersed.

More than 100 Hertz:
Detoxification, cleansing of the connective tissue and impulsion can be improved. 

More than 1000 Hertz:
Muscles, heart and the lungs functions can be stimulated and energy levels can be increased.

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