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Sleep Phases

Posted by Niki Zach on

Here we can see the different phases of sleep over a period of time. It will take most people around fifteen to twenty minutes to go from awake to stage 1 of their sleep. after another fifteen minutes they will pass to stage 2 and then stage 3 after 45 minutes of going to bed. Normally after stage 3, the body should switch into stage 4 which is the healing stage and deep sleep mode of your body. The problem is that nowadays we are surrounded everywhere by harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs, such as mobile phones, computers, etc..) that our brain waves can't seem to enter that stage 4 deep sleep. Basically our brains are too agitated to get that low brain wave frequency.

To reach deep sleep our brain waves must have a frequency of 0.1-3.9Hz, which is the lowest wave frequency our brains can reach. Since we are affected by surround frequency waves, we can very easily reach a high brain frequency just by being on the phone or computer before going to bed. You may have heard that it is better not to go on any electronics at least one hour before sleep. Although this is true, often at times one hour before sleep may not be enough. When we found out that our brains can be so affected by surrounding frequencies, we realized that we can implement the proper magnetic frequencies into a sleeping pillow to help people reach their deep sleep easier.

Mode "A" on our TimmyZzz Pillow emits a magnetic field of 3Hz. This level is the perfect level your brain needs to enter Delta Sleep (Deep Sleep). We've also noticed that not only do all of our users reach deep sleep, but they also reach it sooner (after 20-25 minutes instead of 45 minutes). Due to this, not only will you get a better night sleep, but you will also not have to sleep as long to complete a full sleep cycle.

For all those who have already purchased your TimmyZzz Pillow, all you have to do to access Mode "A", is press the on/off button, then the mode button once (you will see an "A" appear in top left circle) and then set intensity to full with the up arrow. The program will start automatically and your deep sleep cycle will begin shortly thereafter. If you are ready to enjoy a good nights sleep, choose your TimmyZzz Pillow here

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