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TimmyZzz Neck Pillow - Sedona Wellness
TimmyZzz Neck Pillow - Sedona Wellness
TimmyZzz Neck Pillow - Sedona Wellness
TimmyZzz Neck Pillow - Sedona Wellness

TimmyZzz Neck Pillow

Technical Data:

Intensity: 0.6 Gauss
Frequency: 3Hz, 7.8Hz, 25Hz and 50Hz
Waveform: Rectangular

Science Behind TimmyZzz

TimmyZzz PEMF tunes up the mitochondria for improved performance and accelerated recovery, while it tunes down the brain for better sleep. 

It's called "entrainment" and evidently the mitochondria can be entrained as easily as the brain. 

More efficient O2 metabolism lowers oxidative stress and promotes cells resiliency to other metabolic stressors like WiFi and other types of RF (radio frequency). Oxidative free radicals are formed when O2 reaching the cell is not burned adequately (by the mitochondria). Lab geeks call it "Oxygen Leakage". The worse the leakage, the higher the oxidative stress. 

Oxygen metabolism is body's most important process. Impaired cell respiration and subsequently reduced blood & tissue oxygen & higher oxidative stress, subsequently results in inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many if not most disease states, particularly cancer. 


Improves Sleep & Recovery 

TimmyZzz’s frequencies which entrain brain wave rhythm, stimulate cells in a window of frequencies that cause mitochondria to produce more energy with less oxidative wast 

Excess energy is sequestered for accelerated nighttime repair processes, enhanced immune function, improved strength and stamina, better memory 

consolidation, vastly improved daytime energy & vitality. Better sleep and increased cell energy results in a body that heals itself faster and ages slower. 

After all, it's during sleep that we experience a significant amount of repair, recovery, immune system enhancement, cognition, learning and memory capability, gene regulation, appetite regulation, hormone production and cellular turnover. 

Electroencephalograph measurements (EEG) have shown that small, low strength magnetic fields can cause brain wave frequencies to resonate with the frequencies of the magnetic field, and can cause other responses in the brain including:


Vascular Dilation of Brain Blood Vessels 

Enhanced Melatonin Release 

Electrical stimulation of the Hypothalamus for Sleep Facilitation 

Reestablishment of Circadian Rhythms (useful for jet lag) 

Vastly Improved Sleep 

Healthier Endocrine System 

Accelerated Recovery 

Increased Flexibility (especially in the morning upon waking) 

Enhanced Mood 

Improved Mental Focus & Executive Performance 

Balance Improvement 

Enhanced Mobility 

Avoids Production of Lactic Acid 

Lower Levels of Oxidative Stress 

Slows Natural Aging Process


Four Categories of Brain Wave Patterns


Beta (14-30Hz)

Concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition. Higher levels associated with anxiety, disease, feelings of separation, fight or flight.

Alpha (8-13.9Hz)

Relaxation, super learning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production. Pre-sleep, pre-waking drowsiness, mediation, beginning of acres to unconscious mind.

Theta (4-7.9Hz)

Dreaming sleep (REM sleep)
Increased production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory), increased creativity. Integrative emotional experiences, potential change in behavior, increased retention of learned material. Hypnagogic imagery, trance, deep meditation, access to unconscious mind

Delta (.1-3.9Hz)

Dreamless sleep
Human growth hormone released. Deep trance-like non-physical state, loss of body awareness. Access to unconscious and "collective unconscious" mind, greatest "push" to brain when induced with Holosync.