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BioResonance Therapy – BRT – BioRegulation Therapy

Progress in biophysics has led scientists to understand the natural processes that occur at a very atomic level in a living being. With the help of advanced techniques they are able to analyse these self-controlling processes that were recognised by our ancient ancestors as a very vital energy. This energy, believed to facilitate healing has probed scientists to examine the vital processes that release this energy. Earlier it was believed that this energy can be released only by means of spirituality. But the advancement in biophysics has aided scientists in understanding and utilising this energy for the wellbeing of all living beings.

Conventional medical practices today use the natural radiation released by the human body for diagnosing a problem and also prescribe necessary therapy for the cure. These practices use electromagnetic (EM) waves and ultrasound (US) to diagnose and suggest therapy. This breakthrough has increased the research on finding more subtle and efficient energy resource that will ease the process of diagnosis and treatment. Scientist realise that our human organ system works in a highly systematic and balanced way. To treat an ailment, conventional medical practices concentrate on the particular organ that is under stress. Research shows that this organ does not work individually but as part of a whole. So in order to suggest the exact treatment it is necessary to take a holistic approach towards the problem as even though each organ is different in its own way, the factors affecting individual organs and the body as a whole could be the same.

It happens that conventional medical practice sometimes overlooks the harm it might cause to other organs while treating one. The human body is highly complex. It is imperative to find a solution that caters to one without causing any harm to others or helps the whole as one. Scientists who interpret this complex human structure have recognised the continuous adaptive process that our body undergoes. Following are some principles they have recognised:


  • Adaptation and organization of biological systems are not linear

  • Examining biological communication reveals the physiologic interactions

  • Every organism can be analysed only within its own environment after taking in to consideration its communication pattern with this environment

  • Biological information is exchanged chiefly through electromagnetic and subtle energy information systems

  • These energy information systems form the basis of biochemical reactions

  • Biophysical processes control biochemical processes meaning biophysical interactions are more powerful than biochemical reactions.


The recent development is applying the concept of ‘resonance’ to analyse and treat an illness. Resonance is a physical phenomenon that occurs due to vibrations and creates a balance (harmony). Each and every material of a living body emits a resonant vibration or we can say the communication between various levels in body takes place through resonance. For resonance to occur there is a necessity of an apt medium and for biological purposes EM fields serve as the medium for electromagnetic waves.

We cannot hear these resonant vibrations. There is a limit to our hearing and visual capabilities. What we hear or see is because it matches the resonant frequency of our ears and eyes. Any signal beyond this is non-existent for us. But is it truly non-existent? No.

We speak of resonance here because even the drugs that are prescribed to cure an illness, work according to the principal of resonance. Every single process inside a human body affects or helps another process. So this medicine that is administered to an individual will try to strike a balance between the metabolic activity and organ that has a malfunction.

Dr.Voll understood the importance of this methodology by his research to know the energy on acupuncture end points using electrophysiology. Electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) is name of this device which is a non-invasive diagnostic tool. By understanding the strength of an electromagnetic message at a particular point, he recognised a certain organ and assessed the functioning of that organ keeping in mind its relation to the body i.e. an integrated system.

The Chinese use acupuncture to cure different ailments since more than 5000 years. The diagrams above show the reading of electrical conductivity on the skin at specific acupuncture points. Research shows that these readings taken using mechanical devices partially coincide with the actual acupuncture points a traditional Chinese practitioner uses. These points are considered to be gateway for interaction between an organism and its surrounding. The connection this point has inside an organism is deeper and specific to an organ. This helps in diagnosing the condition of the organ and giving appropriate treatment to that organ or organ system.

Research is taking the study on an organism’s electromagnetic field much deeper which will enable them to read extremely small measurements. The EAV testing is a helpful tool to find out the illness a patient is suffering from.

There is a limit to how much an organ can withstand the stress caused to its system. The human body is capable of adapting to various conditions and ‘compensate’ for stress that is caused to it by different factors. But beyond the de-compensation point, the body is bound to illness.

Decompensation of a Bio-cybernetic system (illness)

The normal value changes after the body encounters an illness. There are many reasons due to which the normal value of an individual can change. Like at higher altitudes the number of red blood cells increases, moving to different a country, due to a major trauma, a toxic lifestyle, aging cycle that causes decrease in hormones in men or for women who reach menopause the normal value changes. So depending on the various factors that cause decompensation, the normal value keeps altering.

Change to a New Normal Value

The phenomenon causing the new normal value unlike a linear cause-effect follows a feed-back loop system where one relates to and influences the reaction of the other in a circular pattern.

Homeopathic therapies and nutritional supplements are successful in balancing these reactions and the interactions at a cellular level. Research indicates that an organism also reacts to electromagnetic signals positively. Biophysics implies that any factor that brings an organic system from a decompensated state to a compensated state can be used for medical treatment.

This phenomenon can be easily explained with the Law of Hormesis. 


Hormesis is defined as a phenomenon related to dose response due to which a therapeutic agent has an antagonistic effect of that therapy if administered in a comparatively lower dose than. As an example, in homeopathic practice, a minute dose of Onion (Allium sativum), will counteract the very same symptoms that manifest due to the influence of a larger dose of onions, namely tearing and rhinorrhoea. Very frequently a poisonous substance like snake venom will have an antagonistic effect if administered in a small dose compared to a higher dose of the same substance. While the phenomenon has been observed and established as scientific, the mechanism behind it is still not understood clearly. One theory claims that administering a low dose provokes or activates compensatory processes of the body that offset and counteract the damage that a higher dose may cause. Vaccinations work on a similar principle as well.

The study on this phenomenon started with Hugo Schulz’s microbiological experiments, 110 years ago. In the tests Schulz conducted he observed that a mushroom’s vitality was boosted significantly by administering smaller dosages of substances that are known to have a deleterious effect, like iodine, bromine, chrome acid, salicylic acid , silver chloride etc. Afterwards, along with Rudolf Arndt, he formulated the Arndt-Schulz law, which states a proportional biological response in the opposite direction is initiated in a living cell in response to the intensity of all stimuli. The implication being that a substance which is harmful in high concentration can prove beneficial in lower concentration. The phenomenon also applies to radiation, recent research has demonstrated that lower radiotherapy levels can provoke a form of adaptive protection mechanism preventing DNA damage, and enhance immune function. For instance, sunlight exposure, low and short levels of exposure vs high and longer levels of exposure and the subsequent adaptation. (Feinendegen, January 2005, 3-7)

The theory of hormesis is universally applicable and holds true for all living beings. Due to idiosyncrasies, the terms low dose and high dose differ for everyone and also depend on individual circumstances. On the same lines, due to the changes in an individual’s condition, a stimulus may fall under the low dose category but later be considered as high or middle dose, and may result in differing biological effects. Hormesis is now being researched as a possible factor in anti-aging research. By repeated application of mild stress metabolic pathway repair can be induced, which can result in enhanced vitality and health in later years of a person’s life. (Rattan SI, Clark BF, April 2005, 297-304)

The concept of four basic classifications of dosage-dependent reactions was conceived in the 960s:

A – Continuous increase in toxic effect due to increase in dose

B –A preliminary stimulating effect followed by increasing toxicity due to increase in dose

C –Increase in toxicity, followed by a stimulating effect and subsequently increase in toxicity as dose is increased.

D – Increasing toxicity, followed by stimulating activity again followed by toxicity and stimulation with a final toxic state as the dose is increased.

Hormesis as a concept was later redefined as “every agent, physical, chemical, or biological; including emotional; has a stimulating effect if it is administered in a dose much smaller than that of the biologically detrimental dose”.


From the concept of Hormesis which is a less in more kind of phenomenon the concepts of BioRegulation Therapy (BRT) were derived. BRT is based on the biofeedback mechanism. Bioresonance utilizes EM signals that are generated by the living organism, or its various functional systems and organs, for the generation of a treatment frequency.

BRT assumes organisms to be self-regulating cybernetic systems that constantly try to gain ideal frequencies through adjustment. This process is adaptive in nature. Perpetual adaptation in necessary since the external and internal environment of an organism is every changing. Hence, for any kind of therapy, this is an important factor that needs to be considered. Is a therapy to be used periodically or is a particular therapy to be used frequently? Frequently applied therapy will not let organisms or their bodies to fall back to a basal or dysfunctional state.

A normal cell performs around 7000 chemical reactions in a second, which is a sign of the complexity and the continuous nature of the adaptive process which is cannot be understood using simple biochemistry. There has been an increase in the understanding of EM Biocommunication that organisms use to coordinate their life systems through electromagnetic stimulation by the application of modern measuring techniques. (Beebe SJ, Blackmore PF, White J, August 2004, 1077-93.)


Every organisms’ adaptive mechanisms and metabolic processes are regulated by, endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) pacers. Endogenous pacers are found naturally within the body and promote biochemical reactions that are in-tune with each other, while exogenous pacers like geomagnetic fields, signal sources, planetary influences etc., have an effect on the endogenous pacers. Normal signal emitted between cells responsible for ensuring accurate and precise data transfer at relatively lower level of energy expenditure, are coherent. Since they are coherent they communicate most effectively and efficiently with one another. This coherence amongst intra-cellular messages enables an organism to maintain integrity and order, even if the intensity generated by signals from the external environment is higher than signals responsible for internal biological control. The body modifies the high intensity external pacers such that they do not disrupt the lower intensity internal pacers. Internal pacers are synchronized, which enables larger biological units like organs to execute the activity of their cells in a coordinated way. The mantra being: all for one, and one for all.


A selection process which can choose and filter the signals being transmitted inside from the total amount of signals being received from the external environment is essential for an adaptive process to operate. In biological communication, selection of signals is done through, bio-windows which are referred to as Adey windows as they were described by Dr. Ross Adey. He has done research and published papers on the interaction of EM fields with biological systems, organization of the cell membrane and communication between cells, cerebral and cellular systems organization, the modelling of brain mechanisms and systems, bioengineering and bioinstrumentation, medical imaging through application of computers and analysis of physiological data. He found out that these ‘windows’ are definable and discreet, with specific limit values. Some ranges of frequency are specific to a particular physiological or biochemical system of the body. Communication among cells is depends on the ability of the cell’s membrane to recognize and then promote “handshakes” with the oscillating EM fields by activating intracellular systems which use and are responsible for the enhancement of signals which are specific. Active biological windows at a given instant, have the ability to be used for the transfer of information and to enhance adaptive activities. Changing biological windows inside a particular system is named as phase change, are also responsible for functional changes, either adaptive or otherwise.

When, the natural selection mechanism does not perform in an optimal way then there will be a detrimental effect on processing of information and as a consequence, it will degrade the ability to adapt of the organism or a system within it. This can cause several kinds of disorders which affect bodily functions. Correct biological flow of information needs to be established to bring balance to an organism’s biological state. 


Bio resonance Therapy helps in the indirect transmission of low intensity therapeutic PEMF signals through information exchange among the reflex regions of a body which possess corresponding endogenous systems and directly, through the stimulation of individual cells, due to a magnetic field that passes through the body directly, without interference

BRT can facilitate the elimination of signals the organism doesn’t require. BRT manages this by generating a standing wave which brings to attention the disturbance to the organism. In this scenario there is an instant reduction of the signal that results in the organism compensating for the disturbance. BRT is like an alarm to which the organism responds. Normally this process can be carried out by the organism independently, but when the organism’s essential resources have been spent already, it is probable that various stress factors that decompensate would have caused an impact. This is the situation where BRT, due to its lower intensity, which is harmless, it is particularly advantageous to regain adaptive balance.



Signals from the environment that balance out internal pacers are essential for the maintenance of the periodic nature of the body’s metabolism. External environmental signals that are positive, inclusive of natural sounds, like the wind, bird and animal sounds and running water and the inaudible natural energy emissions. The organisms essential resources can be depleted and physiological disorders can manifest in the absence of any of these positive factors. The production of unnatural, artificial signals due to urbanization and the technological nature of our civilization have led to external signals, which keep our balance intact, becoming less intense. Additionally, artificial Electromagnetic fields introduced by cell phones and power lines etc. result in the organism receiving more negative and less positive signals due to the interference and modulation of natural signals from the biosphere.

Therapeutic use of signals that are positive by the application of BR technology is a very efficient treatment, as it leads to the correction of endogenous pacers which cascade into the activation of processes vital for the body. This form of treatment consists of methodologies which utilize the fundamental oscillations of our biosphere like that of Schumann-waves, polarised light and its harmonics, minerals and crystals, various kinds of metals etc. as signals with therapeutic effect, and cause a positive impact on the organism by the use of EM waves which have been modulated. A complicated multi resonance therapy formulated by integrating several positive signals it has been discovered to have a profound effect.

The whole body is part of the treatment in exogenous BRT. Natural selection mechanisms of the body tend to focus healing modulations in body systems or organs in the location they are required the most. Experimentation has demonstrated that in individuals afflicted with chronic conditions and fatigue or low vitality, such devices which emit signals can eliminate even resistant bio-informative blockades. The current medicinal system has begun to take an interest in the benefits of EM fields in particular health conditions like, production of melatonin and possible activity on breast cancer; electromagnetic field therapies for neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s disease; acceleration of oxidative stress damage due to free radicals, aging; carcinogenesis due to nitric oxide, blood flow regulation in capillaries, and drugs with mediating effects. Electromagnetic fields have the potential to heal and harm, depending on several the specific measurable parameters of amplitude, frequency, and phase, the EM fields found in BRT are not harmful at all.