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Osteochondrosis Studied With PEMF Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields Therapy

This study examined the effects of alternating magnetic fields (50 Hz, 10-50 mT) combined with conservative therapy in patients suffering from spinal osteochondrosis. Treatment consisted of 20-minute exposures over a total of 20- 25 such exposures per course. Results showed clinical benefits in 95 percent of patients receiving the combination treatment compared to just 30 percent among controls.

L.L. Butenko, The Use of Alternating Magnetic Fields in Spinal Osteochondrosis, Mechanisms of Biological Action of Electromagnetic Fields, 27-31 October 1987, Pushchino, USSR, USSR Academy of Sciences, Research Center for Biological Studies, Inst. of Biological Physics, Coordination Council of Comecon Countries and Yugoslavia for Research in the Fields of Biological Physics, p. 183.