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PEMF Contraindications

Although the magnetic field therapy is quite safe and health improving yet some of the actions need to be properly evaluated prior to actual execution of this therapy. Amongst the various contraindications only some might seem serious, but they must be predicted earlier and proper implications must be conveyed to the users. Standard precautions amongst these are:

Pregnancy: Yet no such facts have been established from the toxicity analysis done by MRI devices, but this area requires more research to ensure full safety.

Pain modulators (implanted ones), Pacemakers, Defibrillators or Insulin Supply systems:

These are all battery operated and direct MF implications may shut these off, but these days these are being shielded. Still if the problem persists the magnetic therapy system may be got examined by the doctor. This problem generally occurs in case of very powerful MF system or heavy-duty permanent magnets.

Myasthenia gravis: Aggravation of the muscle weakness, leading to temporary worsening of the autoimmune system. However in actual practice muscle strength has been reported to get enhanced.

Active Bleeding situations (especially into the gut): Platelets aggravation shall lead to time lag in blood clotting, so any bleeding source must be taken care of prior to PEMF application.

Hypothalamic dysfunction, hypophyseal dysfunction, hyperthyroidism & adrenal gland dysfunction: Over-simulation of these organs may lead to aggravation of the glandular function, if these are used at excessively high Magnetic field intensities.

Acute viral diseases and active tuberculosis: It may lead to temporary dampening effect for the white blood count cells, resulting in flairs. So it is really important to arrange for necessary medical care and PEMF not relied upon as the source of major treatment.

Malignancies (normal or remission): The controversial frequency field’s generation from the power lines as sources indicates more cautious approach, though nothing has been proved for sure establishing any relationship between the health issues and the complying low frequency usage for MF therapy. So PEMF can be visualized more of a complimentary treatment rather than the primary one.

Psychoses: Sometimes PEMF may show unanticipated outcomes and when used along with medications may result in decline in Blood pressure.


Relative Contraindications:

Neurological diseases (with seizures): If the sinusoidal EMF waves or the pulsating EMF pulses are focused onto the seizure based required frequency, they can help in their initiation. Although a problem is hardly seen, yet one must remain cautious.

Systematic mycotic diseases (severe): Inflammatory effects to the system may lead to inflammation appearing as temporary aggravation.

Organic atherosclerosis: Can lead to hypotension and implications in the form of significant blood pressure changes.

Unnecessary menstruation: In case of treatment of Pelvis, the flow may be further incremented by the MF.

Special Attention:

In cases with patients having accelerated or severe hypertension problems, hypotension or its related tendencies must be treated cautiously as fluctuations in the Blood pressure may lead to Vertigo, unconsciousness or other problems. It is generally observed to get away within half an hour of exposure and after sometime adaptation starts.