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PEMF vs Viral Infections

The immune system is powerful, and when it is nurtured it can prevent viruses and other infections from developing.

However, an immune system that is compromised may not be so fortunate.

Illnesses and diseases can be frequent and difficult to overcome for those who have auto-immune diseases.

The good news is that PEMFs (pulsed electromagnetic fields) can help.

There are some basic principles that reveal how PEMFs strengthen the body from viruses and chronic infections:

PEMFs are a natural occurrence, and the earth has electromagnetic fields of its own. 

These electromagnetic fields force dangerous particles away from the earth.

Without these fields, the cosmic rays and solar winds would be dangerous to the human race.

This sheds light on the protection that electromagnetic fields offer the human body.

What does this tell you about how effective PEMFs are for the human body?

Essentially, these PEMFs are duplicated by PEMF devices such as the SEDONA Pro.

Delivering gentle pulses to the human body can aid in:

- Healing of diseases

- Healing of fractures,

- Getting better sleep,

- Renewing energy,

- Much more.

Scientific research has shown us that in the last 15 years, the earth’s electromagnetic field has weakened.

It is also known that during the last 15 years more cancers and mysterious viruses have developed.

It seems that the flu is impossible to prevent as new strains continue to develop each year.

There are now more cases of Parkinson's, MS, and Alzheimer’s Disease reported in the last 15 years as well.

The electromagnetic fields of the earth are what aid in balancing the natural circadian rhythm.

These fields also help build and maintain the health of the immune system, and preventing disease.

A balanced and strong immune system can ward off the work of tiny germs before they turn into a full-blown virus.

Even if a virus develops it will run a much shorter course than it did prior to PEMF therapy.