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Science Behind Aging


 A lot of activity happens behind the scenes when aging occurs. Just as all other processes start within the cells, so does aging.


Research has shown that PEMF therapy can slow down the aging process at the cellular level. Here is what we know through research about how it works. 

  1. A weakness in brain cells was discovered that sheds light on the aging process. There is now a ton of research dedicated to the function of the brain as well as research on brain cancer. During this time, researchers discovered that proteins once again are critical to health. As the proteins deteriorate toxins are absorbed into the nucleus. Whatever gets to the nucleus gets into the body. When this cellular aging occurs, it can initiate the process of dementia. This in turn can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and other diseases.
  1. Stem cell theory may play a role.When stem cells fail to replenish tissues with the appropriate nutrients organs can fail to function. This is also another sign of aging.
  1. Aging cells impact the functionality of organs.

How PEMF therapy impacts aging is quite clear in terms of what we know about what PEMFs do for the body. Clinical studies have proven the following:

  1. PEMFs reduce oxidative stress. This oxidative stress that occurs in the body as cells age can be reduced with the use of PEMF therapy. The pulsed electromagnetic fields that increase oxygenation in the tissues and cells. This reduces oxidative stress that occurs from outside pollution, overuse of medications and bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, and exposure to EMF’s.
  1. PEMF supports cell rejuvenation. As we know damaged cells cause diseases, but PEMF therapy has been shown to repair damaged cells as well as create new, healthy cells. 
  1. PEMFs bring natural balance to our cell membrane. Each tissue and organ has its own frequency of electromagnetic field. When those fields are poorly emitted, this is when damage to the cells occurs. PEMFs trigger the bio-electromagnetic field and brings it up to speed to correct that imbalance, especially of the positive and negative ion concentration of the cell membrane.. Health will return to the tissues cells.
  1. Many health professionals are now seeing the value in PEMF therapy and have begun to incorporate it into their practice.

But even more people are incorporating PEMF into their homes. Simply because it is a family device. No matter what age group, everyone should use PEMF - if possible on a daily base - in order to keep and improve your overall health dramatically.