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Depression Studied With PEMF ElectroMagnetic Therapy

This review article examined the literature concerning the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation
in the treatment of depression. Results showed the high frequency, repetitive transcranial magnetic
stimulation treatment to be an effective, side effect free therapy for depression that may hold
promise for treating related psychiatric disorders as well.

M.T. Kirkcaldie, et al., Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as Therapy for Depression and Other Disorders,”
Aust N Z J Psychiatry, 31(2), April 1997, . 264- 272.

This review article notes that transcranial magnetic stimulation has been shown to elicit
antidepressant effects, electically stimulating deep regions of the brain.

C. Haag, et al., “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. A Diagnostic Means from Neurology as Therapy in
Psychiatry?” Nervenarzt, 68(3), March 1997, . 274-278.

In this theoretical paper, the author argues that deep, low-rate transcranial magnetic stimulation
can produce therapeutic effects equivalent to those of electro convulsive therapy but without the
dangerous side effects.

T. Zyss, “Will Electro convulsive Therapy Induce Seizures: Magnetic Brain Stimulation as Hypothesis of a New Psychiatric Therapy,” Psychiatry Pol, 26(6), November-December 1992, . 531-541.