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About Us

Franz Zach

As the chairman of Sedona Wellness Ltd., Franz Zach is both a pioneer and international expert of the harvesting of energy and its application to wellness products. Franz started manufacturing and distributing PEMF devices in 1991. “Sedona” stands for Magnetic Energy which is one of the most intensive forms in the area of Sedona, Arizona. “Sedona Wellness Ltd.” continues its focus on providing health, wellness and beauty improving devices that generate frequencies and waveforms that utilize Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF).

Franz has been a leading proponent on educating people around the world as to the unlimited potential values of this science. To that end, he and his company created a new generation of high-value frequency therapy products which offer a wide range of application possibilities. The increasing public demand for alternative and complimentary health therapies provided him with enthusiasm to incorporate the latest discoveries in energy medicine and technical innovations into these products, and then make it available worldwide at an affordable price.

Even long before NASA, the Soviet space program provided their citizens with many medical breakthroughs that were used to keep the cosmonauts healthy in space. Franz and his engineers at Sedona Wellness Ltd. decided to expand upon this early Soviet research to create a scientific medical device that was not only capable of creating a high intensity magnetic field using a 7.83 Hertz  frequency (called the Schumann Frequency), but also had the versatility  to generate a wide range of frequencies and waveforms from a very low intensity of 0,35 Gauss up to a strong intensity of 100 Gauss.

Years of scientific study reveal that our internal organs, muscles, nervous and circulatory systems respond quite differently to the complexities and combinations of frequencies, wave-forms and intensities of magnetic field therapy.

From this research, Franz and his team have revolutionized Wellness and he continues to look for ways to improve that field with a variety of very low to very high frequencies and intensities, and any device that can ultimately improve the quality of life.


Niki Zach
Co-Founder and President

Niki Zach, son of Franz Zach, joined the PEMF business his father started to further expand the reach of these products. Starting out as a sales representative and flying to health conventions presenting their machines. It was amazing to see the amount of positive reactions after using the machine for 30 minutes (the length of one treatment). Many of the people, who came to these conventions looking for a solution to any kind of problem, ended up leaving with a unit. 

Using PEMF machines his whole life, Niki knew about a few benefits they had, but didn't know in detail about the vast variety of all the health benefits. From pain relief to being more energized or more relaxed (depending on the program), and of course some amazing result with sleep aid. While using the machine, half of the people fell asleep just a few minutes into the session, even in the noisy exhibition hall. Throughout this website you can understand more about why these users had such amazing results. 

Please take your time reading the rest of this website to find out why you will enjoy using our Sedona Wellness PEMF products.


Nathalie Zach
Operations Manager

Nathalie, daughter of Franz Zach, started her journey in the field of holistic healing when she was young. Her parents introduced her to different natural healing methods and encouraged her to explore different ways to promote health and wellness. This sparked her interest in holistic healing practices and led her to study various modalities, including Yoga, Reiki and alternative medicine.

Learning early on the ways of the family business, she began working with Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field Therapy in depth, attending conferences and workshops alongside her father and brother. Over time the company grew larger and Nathalie worked closely to further promote healing and wellness in the field. Her approach is highly personalized and she works closely with clients and the Sedona Wellness team to further expand the company internationally.