PEMF Science

Cell Phone EMF Research

  • The electromotive forces of the radio frequencies are referred to as microwave fields. Currents are induced into the body, including the brain, due to these fields. The strength of the microwave fields is the prime factor, in determining whether the exposure to the magnetic fields will cook the tissues within the body or not. The specific energy absorption (SAR) rate within the tissues is the most significant measure, which tells about the biological effects of radio frequency electromotive forces. The unit of SAR is watts per kilogram. This estimated quantity is averaged in time and space. The simulated power emitted by the cell phone penetrates into the brain. The power generated by the cell phone is much greater than the current generated by the neurons. The coefficient of SAR is 10 billion times greater than that of the neuron generated current.

  • The coefficient has to be around 10,000 in order to protect the brain from chromosome damage. The radiation from the sun also has the potential to damage the brain. The coefficient is about 1 million for the radiations emitted by the sun.

  • The brain cells get damaged upon prolonged exposure to the radiations from the sun and the cell phone. There is even a possibility of brain tumor affecting the individuals who are much exposed to harmful radiations.

  • The basic frequency of repetition for DCS 1800 systems & GSM is 217 Hertz. For DECT systems, it is 100 Hz. Because of the narrow pulse, the spectrum also consists of a number of higher harmonics. The frequencies in kilohertz range are also present. To add to the already existing complications in the communication systems, 2 & 8 hertz components are also present in the signals. These exist in the brain frequency range.

  • The safety standards laid down by each country are different. This implies that the cell phone EMF standards also differ from country to country. European countries consider 2W/kg of brain tissue as the threshold limit for cell phone EMF. Cell phone emissions can pose significant health hazards if not regulated. Even exposure to signals of lower strengths can cause adverse biological effects. The scientists still believe that the current norms related to cell phone emissions are not adequate.

  • Many controversies have triggered in the scientific world regarding the health threats due to the radio frequencies. It is quite obvious that the lower the intensity one is exposed to, lesser is the health threat and vice versa. There are scientists who are trying to investigate the hazards of exposure to low frequencies. The low intensity fields do not increase the temperature within the cells. The safety limits have been designed only on the basis of the heat generation within the humans at the cellular levels. Scientific evidences have even proved that low intensity waves do not correspond to any heat generation in the cells. There is no demonstrated evidence which can prove, that the radio frequencies can pose threat even at lower concentrations.

  • Experts who have been working in the fields of RF and their impacts have demonstrated that, the emission from cell phones and digital cellular antennas can have significant effects on cell cultures and animals in their laboratory studies. These research experts have even proved in their studies carried out in communities and not at the laboratory levels that serious problems can arise even at exposure to nonthermal levels.

  • Nonthermal levels correspond to those frequencies or intensities which are not sufficient enough to generate heat within the cells of organisms. These researchers have proved in their research findings that, the RF enhances the growth of brain cancer cells, can double the rate of lymphoma in mice and can cause changes in tumor growth in rats. It has even been proved that the radiations cause increased breaks in double and single stranded DNA, increase blood pressure in healthy men, decrease memory & attention and even slow the reaction time in school children.

  • The polish soldiers exposed to RF had the probability of dying from cancer 2 to 4 times as compared to those who weren’t exposed to RF waves in a recent study. Childhood leukemia is linked to exposure to RF. Prolonged exposure to emissions can result in changes in sleep patterns, increases headaches, causes neurologic effects like changes in the blood brain barrier, cellular morphology, neural electrophysiology, neurotransmitters, metabolic changes and cytogenic effects.