PEMF Science

Various Types of EMFs

  • As there are numerous types of EMFs present around us, we must be able to demarcate those which are helpful and those which are harmful to us. Helpful in the manner as they can be used for therapeutic purposes and harmful are generally manmade like originating from cellphones, power lines microwave ovens, etc. The PEMF waves that are being advised by us are completely natural, having low frequency and work up complimentary to the body functions & chemistry.

  • EMFs are widely present around us in our surroundings but because of low frequency these don’t have any visual implications. As per physics electric charges are liable to produce electric fields and their movement generates associated magnetic fields leading to EMF generation. The source of these electric charges is the atmosphere in association with thunderstorm. Likewise the earth’s magnetic field causes any magnet to orient itself in North-South direction when freely suspended and the similar concept is used by fish & birds for navigation.

  • Science has proven that all energy has electromagnetic nature. Hence our body and each of its organ radiate their own EMF waves & likewise the basis of communication amongst our trillion cells is yet again the electromagnetic frequencies. Any disruption in this shall lead to impairment in the cell metabolism, ultimately to a disease.

  • There are a lot many stress generating EMFs present in our surroundings itself. Their source may be the electric wirings in our office or home, from Computers, microwave ovens, Televisions, overhead lights, video terminals, motors and power lights which may even generate higher-than-normal magnetic field strength. Hence any change in this EMF environment may disrupt the body balance negatively and enhance its susceptibility to catch disease.

  • EMFs can easily interact with the living systems, affecting the enzymes which are related to growth regulation, multiplication and division of cells, regulation of melatonin (the sleep hormone), which is moderated by the metabolism of the pineal gland.

  • Our biggest concern is the cumulative effects, arising from routine exposures. The greatest source is the house hold appliances for the same as most of the people aren’t surrounded by the power lines. Similar is the case with the cell phones, Television sets, computers, kitchen appliances, and even the electric outlets (It is even more significant when these are located at the headboard of the Bed). The effect of EMF drops down after 16 feet distance from the source but most of the people are nearer to the source than this range- a few feet from the television screens, about 18 inches from their computer screens and almost negligible distance from their cell phones.

  • The correlation study for establishing the link between cancer and EMF was first done in 1979 in University of Colorado. It was discovered that the children who had been exposed to high voltages in their early childhood stage, had nearly 2-3 times the risk of cancer development, especially Leukemia. This discovery was made by two profound epidemiologists, Dr.Nancy Wertheimer & Dr. Ed Leepar, both having doctorate degrees.

  • Ultimately, it got confirmed when New York State Department of health conducted large scale study and in addition to this also deduced that exposure to high voltage power lines also affected the neurohormones of brain. After that studies even show a correlation between EMF exposure and Heart disease susceptibility, along with other diseases like Headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, blood disorders and sexual dysfunction. Blood disorders included an increment up to 50% in the white blood cell count.

  • Certain man-made EMFs which are biologically identical in terms of frequency generated by the cells, tissues, organs and bones of the body are very useful for therapeutic purposes. These can be delivered to the body via magnetic fields and are nontoxic and noninvasive in nature. Mostly recommended PEMFs generate ELF to VLF range frequency and they don’t induce any sorts of heating action to the body.

  • Researches have revealed that some specified type of Pulsed EMFs in the Low intensity and frequency range improve circulation, enhance the blood oxygenation process and improve the cell metabolism. As a matter of fact these have shown great results like pain relief, improved energy levels enhanced bone healing, sound sleep, reduced inflammations and enhanced tissue recovery, etc.

  • Hence, these beneficial EMFs can be used daily which shall even support healthy aging of the body. These have been used for past few decades and have shown miracles in the medicine sector both for humans and animals. For which the results entail improved body energy levels, tissue recovery and bone healing, relief from pain and reduction of inflammations and sound sleep.

  • The treatments we recommend have a great past record both in safety as well as in effectiveness- even the much higher frequency and strength (intensity) diagnostic MRI machines have been tested for safety to its daily users, as long as they follow the safe directions foretold.