PEMF Science

Sports Performance

  • From Olympic gold medalists to yard work enthusiasts, athletes of any caliber have one primary requirement, keep their muscles in an optimal condition to achieve the best form and to guard against injury.

  • Magnetic field therapy helps muscles work for greater duration, with greater power and reduces recover time needed after a strenuous exercise or event. This translates into better training for athletes since they can devote more time and have longer sessions as well as reduce the amount of breaks they take. For a more casual person, it can help reduce the ache that follows a bout of exercise and save valuable time that would be spent on recovery. By creating a healthier overall environment for the body, it reduces the risk of injury.

  • The application of magnetic field therapy before attempting any strenuous physical activity offers several benefits to athletes. Energy is produced in our muscles by a process known as myosin phosphorylation. ATP, the cellular energy currency is generated through phosphorylation, which itself is stimulated by PEMFs. Normally exercise depletes ATP levels causing muscle weakening and the risk of spasm, ATP levels normalize through rest however PEMFs stimulate myosin phosphorylation leading to enhanced motion of ions and electrolytes which may cause up to 500% increase in cellular energy.

  • PEMFs stimulates the production of heat shock/stress proteins which are responsible for preventing cellular breakdown from wear and tear as well as help accelerate recovery from injury. The more strenuous the activity more is the quantity of protein produced. If these proteins were present in the tissue before exercise they would prevent damage and speed up recovery. PEMFs stimulate heat shock/stress protein production in a gentle fashion than exercise.

  • Magnetic fields take care of two important prerequisites for a muscle to perform well and without injury, i.e. oxygen supply and nutrition. PEMFs increase oxygen supply to the muscle by enhancing uptake, up to 1% increase which is a significant boost and by stimulating circulation that leads to increased supply of nutrition and oxygen and faster removal of cellular waste.

  • The body has regenerative abilities however there are a limited number of cycles of damage or injury that cells can take. By reducing soreness and muscular spasms and cramping magnetic field therapy can delay the inevitable decay of the body. Muscle soreness is caused not just by athletics but even simple yard work results in the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles which leads to soreness.

  • Another danger that exercise poses is swelling that occurs even in the absence of injury. Ice packs are used to reduce swelling since it hampers the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. However ice packs only act on superficial tissue and swelling deep in the muscles goes unchecked. PEMFs on the other hand can penetrate through the body and hence act on deep seated swelling without damaging superficial tissue. Swelling is reduced and so is blood removal from the bruise which leads to faster removal of blood from the bruise and therefore faster recovery.

  • All athletes, those participating in competitive events or those pursuing their own pleasure should look towards PEMFs as a source for maintaining a fit and healthy body. PEMFs can lead to a healthier body with faster recovery and reduced pain. It is a highly beneficial tool to counteract the negative effects of exercise.