PEMF Science

Sensitivity to PEMF

  • The complex issue in the magnetic field treatment is dealing with the electro-hypersensitivity or electromagnetic hypersensitivity of the patients. The medical professionals will find knowledge about the patient’s history to be beneficial in this regard. Though sensitivity can demonstrate to be a painful process, it can be overcome with the change in the treatment plan. The sensitivity to the magnetic field process also signifies that the patient could potentially be suffering with some other unidentified problem.

  • However, the approach to dealing with such problems is different and entirely depends on the medical counselor. A lot of adverse reactions can show up in a patient on exposure to magnetic fields. No specific symptom can shed light on the problem areas. Only a brief study on the patient’s history can help in deciphering the problem.

  • To avoid any signs of adverse reactions, it is best to go slow during the treatments and then slowly increase the intensity of the magnetic fields the patient is exposed to. First, the intensity and then the exposure to the magnetic fields have to be incremented slowly on patients exhibiting sensitivity. The main goal of the PEMF treatment is to heal the patient by suitably managing and curing the adverse reactions that show up during the course of the treatment.

  • Two factors have been probably linked to the sensitivity exhibited by certain patients during treatments. The first factor is enhanced psychological sensitivity which can stimulate the sensors in the skin. The second factor is found to be hyper reactivity of response systems. This may be due to the toxicity in the metabolic systems. People with sensitivity usually demonstrate the two factors. Consciousness, tutoring and reassurance can help treat the first factor. Detox treatments seem to be the only option to deal with the second factor.Detox is vital in treating the person undergoing magnetic treatments. People tend to exhibit sensitivities from very mild to extreme levels. Knowing where they stand in terms of sensitivity can help treat the patients.

  • Several steps have to be taken when it comes to dealing with the sensitivity issues. Decreasing the exposure to the magnetic fields can really help the patients. It is totally under the hands of the supervisor to decide the intensity, frequency of exposure and the duration. Reducing the levels of the above mentioned parameters can help reduce the adverse reactions. Reducing any one factor will be of great help and will benefit the patients undergoing magnetic field therapy who show signs of sensitivity. The treatment however need not be stopped. It has to continue in order to help the body recover and will soon get accustomed to the exposure levels without showing signs of adverse reactions. Hering’s law is the right word to describe the treatment process carried out on patients exhibiting sensitivity. Layer by layer treatment helps such patients in long run.

  • In case the sensitivity is severe, then all the three parameters have to be significantly reduced. What needs to be done in this case is to note down the levels at which the sensitivity started showing up. Then the settings have to be adjusted by reducing the levels where there were no signs of sensitivity. The treatment has to be continued at these levels till the body feels adjusted at the new levels of exposure. The levels have to be maintained for a week or more than a week till the patient feels totally comfortable. Then the levels of exposure should be incremented very slowly by one unit per week.

  • There are several patients in which the intensity factor is important. However in others, duration factor might play a major role in showing the sensitivity symptoms. In other patients, the area of exposure might play a very important role in triggering the sensitivity issues during the treatment. In the acupuncture treatments, the area above the sensitive area in the front and the area below the sensitive area in the back are continued to be treated, though there exists adverse reactions during the treatments. It is very vital to understand the system complexities during the treatments.

  • Eliminating exposure to other kinds of radiations can significantly help during the treatments. Exposure can be avoided by reducing the work on computers and laptops, protection from UV radiations while stepping in sunlight, refraining from the use of microwave ovens, cell phones, photocopiers, hair dryers, heating blankets and so on. Exposure to these devices can strongly affect the magnetic field treatment process. Few people are frequently exposed to such radiations at the work place for a prolonged duration. This can interfere with the treatments and trigger sensitivity in the patients. So proper care must be taken and in case of severe sensitivity, the exposure to other kinds of radiations must be significantly reduced.

  • In few recorded cases of sensitivity, only reactions in specific tissues crop up during the treatment process. For example, the chances are pretty high that an individual who has a history of a fracture treated long back, can experience pain in the same site while undergoing the magnetic field treatments. There is no abnormality in such cases, though it can be considered as a sign of warning. This situation however alarms that the magnetic fields are interfering with the tissues or significantly increasing the charge flow through them. Unevenness in the body is what is pointed out by the treatment. The only solution to this problem is not to discontinue the therapy. The faulty tissues will certainly heal by the treatments gradually.

  • Doctors will have to in any case deal with the chronic disturbances that crop up during the treatment process. PEMFs can help the problematic spots to heal over time. Ignoring such issues will only aggravate the existing problem. The best solution is to deal with it and let it heal. Leaving the problem unattended can cause severe problems in the long run.

  • Experience is the key component that can provide great confidence while handling any case of sensitivity during the magnetic field treatments. The magnetic field therapy is in itself an experiment whose outcomes are not clearly known. But many a times they help in solving other issues within the body as well.